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Religious Program

A supportive and educational Catholic worldview.

The whole person development of each student includes religion studies and building spiritual awareness.

Students are required to participate in religion classes that teach the principals of the Catholic faith. The classes are developed to proclaim and teach God’s word to enhance the student’s understanding and appreciation of Catholic tradition.

Prayer is a daily experience for all of Sacred Heart Catholic School. Special prayer services and liturgies are celebrated regularly. Liturgies are celebrated on Wednesday mornings, on holy days, and special occasions. Students take an active part in the preparation and celebration of the liturgies.

In order to serve others, students in grades fourth through fifth are required to perform one hour of community service each quarter. Grades sixth through eighth must complete two hours each quarter. The primary goal is to integrate faith into the daily lives of students in order to emulate Gospel values more fully.

Family Circle

Family Circle encompasses the entire student body with the exception PK3 students. Students in grades PK4-8th grade are assigned a Saint family (exp. St. George, St. Matthew, St. Michael the Archangel). The Saint families are made up of students from all grade levels.

Each month the individual families share a time of interaction and together complete an activity focused on a given topic for the month (exp. forgiveness, compassion, stewardship). The families sit together at liturgies, assemblies, and prayer services.

The older students escort the younger students to activities creating a bond between the different age levels. The older students serve as mentors and role models for the younger students. Older students accept the responsibility of nurturing the younger students.  Family Circle is maintained until the older student graduates. The former younger student then assumes the leadership role and the circle continues.

Interested in learning more about Sacred Heart’s Catholic faith? Ask us a question. Contact us at 434-793-2656 during regular school hours or anytime at Request Information.