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Welcome, to your entire family.  We look forward to you becoming part of our school community and joining the Sacred Heart family.

Choosing the right school environment is crucial for the development of your child.  We at Sacred Heart Catholic School understand what that commitment means, and we are proud to be your school of choice.

  • We are here for the preschool years when your child needs support and an introduction to the skills they will need for success in school.
  • We are here for the elementary years, laying a foundation for academic and interpersonal success.
  • We are here for middle school, preparing students for the transition to high school courses, and teaching them the independence and rigor they will need to prepare them for the future.

Our school is a family-friendly environment where your child can grow academically, emotionally, spiritually, and in character.  Our alumni are well regarded in the community for their dedication to education, service, and for continuous excellence and achievement.