Faculty and Staff

Passionate and professional educators.

The Sacred Heart Catholic School faculty and staff are available during normal business hours or by email.

Fr. Jonathan Goertz, Pastor

Kira Kania

Angie Crumpler

Norm Aquilo

Stephanie Brande

Morgan Camm

Mary Jane Coble

Donna Comper

Debby Cross

Mary Foley

Jackie Fulop

Tim Gato

Sara Gauldin

Angelica Godinez Gonzalez

Pat Haley

Jessica Hall

Kevin Hawke

Sarah Maxey

Angela Milam

Amy Pearson

Caitlin Price

Kitzya Ramirez

Debra Rawley

Casey Scarce

Lori Schwarz

Ann Shelton

Bill Snow

Kim Snow

Donna Waymouth

Robyn Wells

Myrna Yupanqui

Fr. Jonathan Goertz
Fr. Jonathan Goertz
Kira Kania, Principal