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Community Involvement

Richer experiences are gained outside the classroom.

Our school community is not an island. Our students, faculty, and staff participate in community activities and fundraise for worthy social causes.

Sacred Heart Catholic School stands with the local community in times of compassion and in times of need. Community involvement is a key tenet of our Mission Statement and for our Christian service. All students participate in various events with the community. Community involvement shows our students that even the smallest of us can make a difference and have a big impact.

Sacred Heart middle school students are required to complete two hours of community service per grading period. As the oldest students in the school, their interaction with the community builds empathy in the individual student and expands their awareness of other people and their specific situations.

Sacred Heart students and faculty participate in fundraisers for various social causes. We support disaster relief programs and rebuilding projects. Funds and items have been donated to hurricane victims in Texas, earthquake survivors in Oaxaca, Mexico, and the Stomp Out Hunger campaign among others.

Locally, the school community contributes to God’s Storehouse, God’s Pit Crew and participates in the Embrace the Family campaign that provides food at Thanksgiving for needy families in the Danville area. These efforts are done with prayer and religious conviction.