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School Safety

A safe, comfortable school is the best place to learn.

Sacred Heart Catholic School takes the care and wellbeing of its students seriously. Our school safety coverage includes both external and internal threats as well as general accidents. Sacred Heart maintains a periodic review of its safety procedures, and will make adjustments to all threats perceived or real.

Virtus Training

The United States Council of Catholic Bishops requires that each Catholic school and church provide training sessions for all adults that work with our children. This training, Virtus, is intended to heighten awareness of child abuse and provide constructive recommendations to prevent child abuse from occurring. Training sessions are offered throughout the year in both English and Spanish.

In order to ensure safety; anyone working with Sacred Heart children in the cafeteria, on the playground, in a classroom, attending a field trip or driving on a field trip must fill out a volunteer packet and complete the Virtus course. This is done for the safety of all students.

Please contact the office for to schedule your training.


All visitors are to report to the school office to visually verify a guest’s identity and to prevent academic disruption. All exterior doors remain locked from the inside for security.

All visitors are to report to the school office. Visitors must sign-in and upon leaving sign-out. All visitors are given a visitor badge to be worn while in the school.

Adults are not permitted to use student restrooms. Restrooms for adults are available in the school office, teacher’s lounge and upper elementary hallway.

School Closings

School closings are announced on the local radio station (WAKG), and television channels 13 (WSET) and 7 (WDBJ). Closing announcements are communicated via email, text and phone call and the school messenger communication system.

Emergency Drills

The school has a crisis management plan in place in the event of a school-wide emergency. Fire, tornado, and lock-down drills are conducted routinely. The school’s faculty and staff are familiar with the school’s safety protocols. Evacuation instructions are posted throughout the school. The school works with local safety personnel who ensure the safety of our students.

Do you have specific concerns about the school’s safety plan? Ask us a question. Contact us at 434-793-2656 during regular school hours or anytime at Request Information.