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Our guiding principles are the path to success.

Our educational philosophy and mission guides the school’s overall direction.


Sacred Heart Catholic School strives to provide an appropriate environment for students to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. A strong curriculum employing a variety of learning approaches prepares the student for his/her role in the world. The educational process is further enhanced by the cooperative efforts of students, teachers, administration, parents and the governing body. Spiritual training is aimed at developing the individual student’s personal faith experience.

Catholic education aims:

  • to proclaim and teach God’s word,
  • to celebrate God’s presence through prayer and liturgy
  • to encourage students to be of service to one another and the community.

Sacred Heart Catholic School recognizes that it cannot meet the needs of all students, and reserves the right to deny admittance to a student whose records indicate that an alternative environment would be more appropriate. In addition, when a student is enrolled in the school and it becomes evident that the needs of the student cannot be met at Sacred Heart Catholic School, the administration will assist parents in making an alternative choice for their child.

Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Catholic School’s mission is to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning and provide an educational environment in which the basic tenets of Christian morals and ethics are visibly present. Recognizing the unique needs of each student, the faculty and staff will endeavor to nurture, challenge and guide all students toward their maximum academic, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional potential. As a Catholic school, we will emphasize God’s word and celebrate His presence through prayer, liturgy, and service to others.