The Music Education Program at Sacred Heart promotes students from simple rhythm exercises and songs to instruments and singing harmony. Our Department features a wealth of resources.

Students at all grade levels sing Solfege exercises, folk songs, and Sacred music. Dance is also used to help our youngest students "internalize" rhythm.

Pitched percussion and hand-chimes are played in the upper elementary grades to prepare for playing music with the four octaves of hand bells.

Fourth Grade students learn the soprano recorder as their primary instrument. Their course of study begins with three notes melodies and progresses to music in two parts.

Fifth Grade students study guitar. Starting with reading simple melodies, each student also learns simple chords.

The sixth grade class studies fundamental music concepts on Yamaha electronic keyboards.

Middle school students sing, play handchimes and handbells, and explore musical styles, terminology, and history.

Student talent is showcased throughout the year at our Fine Arts Evenings. Each class from Kindergarten to 8th Grade sings and performs.


Students are encouraged to study band instruments through the American Independent Music Association. Private instruction is offered on Thursday afternoons. Please contact Mr. Earl Brooks for more information.

Classes meet every Thursday after school in Room G!

3:15 - 3:45   Keyboard
3:45 - 4:15   Beginning Band
4:15 - 4:45   Advanced Band

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-Kira S. Kania, Principal